About Us

Hi, I’m Nicole Torre, the creator of Superfoods Seasoning. I’m a passionate cook, writer, filmmaker, Ayurveda health coach, and mother of two lovely girls. After years of struggling with my own health issues, and seeing too many of my friends and family members being aggressively treated for their illnesses, I wondered if there was a way to encourage your bodies own natural healing processes on a daily basis? I began studying alternative medicine and gut health. All roads lead to Ayurveda, and it’s 3,000 year old Indian history of life science, which includes a diet rich in herbs and spices, along with yoga and meditation. As I started working with these super spices, herbs and botanicals, that humans have always used to heal themselves, I started feeling a whole lot better. To be honest, it was life changing. I fell in love with Turmeric, Ginger, and Fennel, so I started creating blends for the American dinner table. 

In 2017, six of the Superfoods Seasoning blends were excepted into Erewhon Market (LA’s boutique chain of premium health food stores). We now sell nation wide, and are building a self-sustaining kind spice company, that advocates for public and environment health, along with social justice, and jobs for women. Throughout my life, I’ve always wanted to do something to help people thrive while restoring the earth’s vitality. I am confident that Superfoods Seasoning is doing just that. In 2021, we will be coming out with our organic certification, as well as launching new 100% compostable packaging. As we grow as a company, know that I am deeply dedicated to reminding people of the power of their fork, and to bringing the most nutritional, organically sourced, non GMO, non BIG agriculture, herbs, spices, botanicals and foods, to the public, while helping small farmers in the process.