Shiitake Ginger

Shiitake Ginger


Made with the power of Shiitake mushrooms, soothing Ginger and other revered Chinese herbs that are full of healthy benefits. With yummy flavors from the far east, our Shiitake Ginger is great in stir-fries, on any proteins, fish, on veggies, or in a salad. Try in your soup, stews, or bone broths. Perfect on rice and in ramen. Makes any ordinary dish, extraordinary.

A hand crafted blend of nature’s most celebrated herbs, spices and botanicals, which have been used for their health benefits round the world for centuries. Our blends are naturally full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and quality enzymes.

Ingredients: Shiitake Mushroom, Organic Basil, Organic Peppermint, Organic Ginger, Organic Coriander, Organic Onion, Organic Garlic, Organic Fennel, Organic Burdock Root, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Fine Black Pepper, and Clove. Contains seeds.

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