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11 Things to Love about Turmeric!

It certain circles it is believed that the root of Turmeric, which contains Curcumin, was given to us by the Gods in order to manage being human. Whatever the case, it is well-documented that this magical plant has been used, and even worshiped around the world for centuries. Turmeric has helped me to heal my digestion on a regular basis and has helped my family to stay healthy and clam throughout the years. Benefits of going for the gold: # 1 - Has been proven to simnifically reduce inflammation which is the catalyst for disease. # 2 - It helps to reduce muscle soreness and joint pain after a hard workout or long drive. # 3 - Reduces inflammation in the brain and helps with improving blood flow and memory. # 4 - Improves digestion and aids in building a healthy microbiome in the GI track. # 5 - Many studies show Curcumin fights cancer in the body by disrupting it’s ability to grow. # 6 - It’s a great antioxidant that helps to fight free-radicals and maintain cellular health. # 7 - Scientific studies have found that a regular intake of Turmeric reduces body fat. # 8 - The spice supports a healthy Cardiovascular system and a balanced blood flow. # 9 - Turmeric promotes smooth, glowing skin and helps the liver to detoxify the body. # 10 - The plant power of Curcumin Turmeric has been shown to be a natural mood enhancer. # 11 - People who use Turmeric are cool. Literally, Turmeric has a cooling effect on the soul.

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