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How To Use Our Spices

Plain rice becomes super rice!

Try Curry Delight on Pop Corn!

Try Curry Delight Chicken Salad

Yummy Cinnamon Kiss Rice Pudding!

Mix with Oil & Vinegar for a Salad Dressing.

Wild West makes awesome Fried Chicken!

Italian Night makes Italian dinner easy.

Start your day with oatmeal made with Cinnamon Kiss or Pumpkin Chai :)

Cinnamon Kiss is perfect for smoothies.

Everyday Ayurveda on anything!

Wild West roasted on veggies.

Spice up your nuts :)

Super charge your Hummus!

Try Curry Delight on Pop Corn!

The Good Grind is perfection in a bottle!

The Good Grind is great on Avocado Toast.

Shiitake Ginger Great For Stir-Fry


Punmpkin Chai Spice Cake

Love At First Sip Cinnamon Kissin Warm Nut Milk


Quick Curry Delight with just a can of Coconut milk

Savory Warrior yummy on any Sauteed Greens

Savory Warrior yummy on any Sauteed Gree

Keto Power Meal

Lemon Herban easy Salad Dressing

LemonHerban easySaladDressing.jpg

Elevate Your Taste Nutrients

Everyday Ayurveda Yellow Lental Soup

Boost Your Veggies.jpg

Boost Your Veggies

Cinnamon Kiss Plum Cobbler

Shiitake Ginger makes a great

Shiitake Ginger makes a great brooth.

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